Some styles you can adopt for your vegetable garden

garden on a roof

Christopher Porter - Flickr

A vegetable garden allows you to grow your own vegetables, why not organic ones, at home. This kind of garden concerns the vegetables made for a family consumption. Besides being useful, your vegetable garden can be made to be a pleasure for the eyes.

raised garden
normanac - Flickr
Some wooden bins and here you have a nice raised garden. This technique enables you to have a nice-looking vegetable garden. Easy to maintain, gardening becomes easier.

rows of vegetables
Eileen Kane - Flickr
These vegetable gardens are cultivated in the ground, but in the middle of the aisles delimited on both sides by small elevations of bricks. You can easily label your vegetables using this kind of garden.

square vegetable garden
Jeff Pearson - Flickr
Put several raised vegetables gardens on your lawn and protect your plants from your children's games. On the side of a garage alley, give a "country side" to your garden, even a small one.

separated salads
lapoli - Flickr
For an organized garden, a few wooden slats forming a checkerboard will be a great way to separate your plants.

big garden
Gilles PĂ©ris y Saborit - Flickr
This is the easiest way to create a vegetable garden. Dig the land of soil and plant anything you want. This type of culture does not need a lot of care, but only if you do not mind some wild grass.

protected vegetable garden
hardworkinghippy - Flickr
Having a vegetable garden it is also taking the risk of attracting some animals like birds, snails, slugs and so on. To protect your plants you can opt for a cage with grills, or for a net on hoops. It will be difficult for rodents and birds to reach your vegetables or fruits!

garden with a path
Hannes De Geest - Flickr
An organized garden is easier to maintain. On this picture, a central path enable you to move easily between your plants, you can choose some wood boards or even a few stones. Move between your vegetables and aromatic herb without risking stepping on it.

garden with a low wall
Kevin Doncaster - Flickr
Two rows of land are made to host vegetables. A few separations are made to separate the different plants. Pile some big rocks to create a low wall surrounding your vegetables garden. It is up to you to use some wood boards to separate the different vegetables.

Do you want to have a vegetable garden in your garden? What are your inspirations and ideas?