Beautiful ideas for your terrace or your balcony

Roof terrace

Steve Curati - Flickr

You have a beautiful terrace or a small balcony to rearrange ? Find the inspiration for your relaxing areas. Choose a coating, some ideas for decorating and the type of furniture.

Mediterranean terrace
Dorli Photography - Flickr
Dress up your terrace with some climbing plants and potted flowers. Give a Mediterranean atmosphere with a clear stone floor and wicker furniture to enjoy the sunlight.

terrace with flowerpot
mara - Flickr
Sometimes simplicity can be an aesthetic choice. Here, the terrace is raw and just decorated with a row of flowerpots. Just make sure to keep the place and the pots clean. You can also add a garden bench so you can relax.

terrace at the holiday cottage
solylunafamilia - Flickr
During the construction of the terrace, choose wisely the sun exposure. Here, this basic terrace is pleasantly sunny. Take advantage of the sunlight to decorate your terrace with some colorful flowers.

cosy balcony
Ken Hawkins - Flickr
A balcony can be just as cosy as a terrace. Here, the floor is covered with wooden slabs. It is used as a support for the false rattan woven couch. A barbecue, a few colorful plants and you will have a relaxing atmosphere.

wooden checkerboard
Steven Verbruggen - Flickr
There are many possible choices regarding floor covering. In this picture, the terrace floor is covered with slabs made with wooden slats. For a checkerboard effect, choose slabs of two different colors and you will just have to alternate the colors as well as the orientation.

Agromonitor Agricultura - Flickr
A terrace or a balcony can be totaly changed thanks to the appropriate decoration. Here, a wrought-iron table and a chair are hosting several flowerpots in a nice cascade effect. Add a small sculpture, a few colorful flowers and that's it.

stone terrace
melted_snowball - Flickr
A stone floor will be easier to clean than wood. Arrange your space with a table, a few chairs and a large automan with an awning. Here you have a nice relaxing area for your family.

terrace in the garden
Ross G. Strachan - Flickr
For even more originality put your terrace in the middle of the garden. You have an easy access thanks to the Japanese steps. A stone platform, garden furniture with a parasol and you are ready to share a meal under a sunny weather.

cosy balcony
James Qualtrough - Flickr
You want a cosy area ? Nothing is simpler. Put a small table with a mosaic tray and two floor cushions on your balcony. Then enjoy the sun and take advantage of the good weather to savor a good brunch.