Some ideas for a swimming pool at home

buried pool

Dommett5 - Flickr

Who never dreamt of swimming in their own garden ? From the paddling pool to a buried pool, almost every desire can become true. Make your choice between a leisure swimming pool and a swim lane. Here are some ideas to find the inspiration. Which kind of pool is the most appealing ?

terrace and pool
Ascot Pools - Flickr
A buried pool encircled by a wooden terrace. The terrace can host one or two deck chairs and some plants as well. It is up to you to vary the depth of the pool to accommodate every activity.

irregular pool
Esther Dyson - Flickr
For an original buried pool, change the shape. We are used to rectangular swimming pool, but here this irregular shaped pool will surprise your guests.

inflatable pool
Rich Bowen - Flickr
For a less expensive solution, choose the classical inflatable pool. It will be easy to store in a garage during winter. While it is difficult to really swim inside, it will be ideal to cool off and play with your children.

indoor pool
Roger W - Flickr
This indoor swimming pool allows you to enjoy a swim at any time. Original thanks to its round shape, you can still swim very comfortably.

buried pool
Ascot Pools - Flickr
croissant shaped in-ground pool, the stairs are a part of the design.

above-ground pool
Benny Lin - Flickr
The above-ground pool is another less expensive alternative. It can be taken apart, it is ideal for people who are renting a place and who cannot make any renovation works.

swim lane
Artevia - Flickr
The swim lane is less large than a classic pool and is made for a sportive practice. But it is up to you to splash around as much as you want.

natural and ecological pool
Couleur Lavande - Flickr
If you feel affected by the ecological impact of a pool, you can invest in a natural pool. Clear water entirely natural thanks to a system of purification pool with plants. It will require more space than a classic swimming pool, but you will make the dragonflies happy.

A pool will bring leisure in your garden, laugh and peacefulness will be a common occurrence. However, be careful to never let children play without supervision to avoid the risks of drowning.