Ten sources of inspiration for a perfect Japanese garden!

japanese garden

JY Guillou - Flickr

The main idea of a Japanese garden is to imitate the nature in its slightest elements, and in a most realistic way. A stream, a pond with fish, rocks or even some gravel are some elements that enter the composition of this type of garden favorable to resting and to meditation. Thus, the following images will inspire you in the creation of your own garden, following the techniques and style of Japanese landscaping.

red bridge
Jean-Pierre Dalbéra - Flickr
A stream with crystalline waters surrounded with greenery, and limited by some asymmetric rocks. The red bridge is enhanced by the luxuriant vegetation composed by different plants.

stone lantern
Jean-Pierre Dalbéra - Flickr
Sitting in the middle of shrubs grouped in groves, the stone lantern contrasts with the greenery surrounding it.

japanese step and pond
DozoDomo - Flickr
Lined by several rocks of diverse sizes and some plants spread here and there, this pond layered with pebbles shelters colorful fish. A path made with Japanese steps allows you to visit the place without stamping on anything.

japanese garden
tripoz - Flickr
A garden with a neglected appearance composed most of the essential Japanese garden's elements. We can see bamboo, a small pond, a little bit of moss, some sand and, of course, a stone lantern.

japanese steps and path
Jean-Pierre Dalbéra - Flickr
A path of flat stones of diverse shapes allows the visitor to go from a point to another in the garden, without leave a foot mark on the gravel. It is a clue why we call it "Japanese steps". The formed path is lined by flowerbeds of moss.

lantern and watering place
Christian Kaden - Flickr
An impressive lantern, medium-sized rocks placed here and there: all of it decorated with a surface of raked gravels which frame the various moss covered zones.

pond in a bowl
Jnzl's Photos - Flickr
Ferns and a pond where some water lilies are floating. It represents a wild aquatic environment.

patterns in the sand
Blake Williams - Flickr
An area of gravels, carefully raked. The furrows form circular and horizontal patterns.

bamboo fountain
Dean Hochman - Flickr
The water flowing from a pipe of bamboo up to a pond of granite does underline the purifier role of water and its importance in nature.

koï fish
bowdenartist - Flickr
Several koï fish in a stone pound. Beside decorating the water with their lively colors, they are also useful to fight against the proliferation of mosquitoes and seaweeds.