Eight original ideas for an out of the ordinary garden shed

Garden shed

davebloggs007 - Flickr

Practical addition to your garden, huts and garden sheds are light constructions mostly made of wood or metal. Whether you choose a shed in a specialized shop or decide to build it yourself, here are 8 sources of inspiration so that your garden shed will be the most original of the neighborhood.
You can use a garden shed the way you want, for example you can store your gardening equipment, put your plants away from the cold or even turn it into a hen house.

rustic garden shed
Eric B. Walker - Flickr
This hut is built with untreated wood, giving it a rustic look. A roof made of sheet metal will drain the rainwater.
This shed does not have a door, a simple opening is made in the main wall. Its use will therefore be purely utilitarian.

shed transformed into a hen house
steve p2008 - Flickr
A part of this wooden garden shed has been transformed into a chicken coop. A few meters of grating, straw on the ground, a few chickens and you have your own backyard.
Feel free to keep a part of the shed as a storage for your tools.

shed painted in blue
Elaine Macintyre - Flickr
A hut can give a bucolic touch to your garden. Here, the garden shed is entirely painted with two shades of blue and some climbing plants come to embellish it.

garden small house
Geoffrey Coelho - Flickr
Built like a small house, the cabin is like a house built in the woods. We can access to the house via a wooden ramp. The surroundings are well cared for with a flower bed.

shed with a garden lounge
mwms1916 - Flickr
What's more original than a small garden lounge nestled in this type of garden shed ? The brightly colored doors and the thatched roof bring a je ne sais quoi to your garden.

raised hut
Alexander Rabb - Flickr
An elevated shed surrounded by vegetation, this type of shed will give you the impression of being Robin Crusoe on his island. Climb the few steps and isolate yourself for bird watching.

shed with swing
K.G. Schneider - Flickr
A garden shed which also allows you to relax. With this totally wooden structure, take advantage of the sun on the porch with this attractive swing chair. Why not transform it in an author's small office at the back of the garden?

multicolored cabin
voodooangel - Flickr
Monotony is over! For an original garden shed, a simple coat of paint is enough. The colorful facade decorated with flower boxes will be a pleasure for your eyes.