Nice ideas for a garden path

Garden path

Stuart Rankin - Flickr

Avoid walking on your beautiful lawn or on your cultivation thanks to a garden path. Create beautiful neat paths for your garden, may they be purely aesthetic or useful. Through their shapes and styles, pathways sublimate the gardens they cross. The choice of material and colors is an art. Prefer straight paths or, on the contrary, let it weave in the lawn. Allow you to be seduced by these 10 atypical and original models.

slabs and vegetation
Greg Younger - Flickr
Made with ocher-colored slabs, this path snake across your garden. Its narrowness is controlled, you have a near direct contact with your flowers. It creates an intimate atmosphere.

wooden path
CAJC: in the Rockies - Flickr
This pathway has its own appeal. Made with wooden crossties, it gives you the feel of walking on some railroad. You will want more.

countryside path
Matt Wakeman - Flickr
Half city, half country-style, this beautiful pathway can lead to your garden or your house. Coquette and simple flowers decorate the edge, a wooden portal is at its end.

staircase like path
mrmole - Flickr
A slight slope made with gravels and pebbles, supporting small planks carefully spaced. You will succumb to the charm of this path suitable for the smallest spaces.

geometric pathways
Elliott Brown - Flickr
Geometric shapes lovers will be at ease in this garden path. Square slabs separated with a line of grass are used as an access ramp to your garden. Which is even more beautiful.

graphic path
Jenny Addison - Flickr
Personalize your garden to perfection with this elaborate path. The main pathway is crossing the flower bed and is divided with several ramifications.

walk and portal
Mala C - Flickr
Your garden will be the new Eden with this pathway. Made entirely with stones, it is large enough and is lined with wild colorful flowers.

natural path
HomeSpot HQ - Flickr
Have you always dreamed of being as one with nature? This path is yours. A plank on spread pebbles and you are closer than ever to the flowers.

green arch
joe.yeah - Flickr
The ground is not the only element of a path. Inspire you from the most beautiful garden and create green arches above your pathway.

perpendicular pathways
Selena N. B. H. - Flickr
Alternating slab of brick and natural ground, this cross shaped path is bordered by bricks in order to delimit the spaces of the plantation. Your pathway will remain neat and easy to maintain.