Make a fish pond in a garden


Panoramique Bassin - Flickr

To make your garden even more beautiful and to transform it in a beautiful natural place, you can add a fish pond to it. A pond will be an original addition and will emphasize the beauty of your garden.
Besides, a fish pond will attract wildlife in your garden. You will create a true natural space where birds, insects and frogs will find a home. To make a pond, you have several ways to proceed.
You opt for preformed fish ponds, or a liner. Indeed the first solution is easy and faster to set up while the latest is more constraining, even if it has a lot of perks. So ? Do you need inspiration to make a fish pond ? Come and find 8 fantastic ideas to create the best pond.

circular shaped fish ponds
Kurpark Oberlaa - Flickr
Two circular shaped ponds in a natural garden, with green water and several plants.

a welcoming pool
Stone lantern - Flickr
A pond hosting a few Japanese carp, surrounded by rocks with moss and a small stone bridge. A stone lantern on the side will hide or highlight a place in the garden.

stepping stones
Buchart Gardens - Flickr
A few Japanese steps or stepping stones, flat carved stones with different shapes and dimensions are put on the water. They embellish the garden and guide your steps throughout the walk without stepping in the water.

water lilies
Water - Flickr
The beautiful water lilies are floating on the water. It serves as an ornament for the pond, but mostly bring oxygen and shade to the colorful fish.

backyard pond - Flickr
A waterfall going directly in the pond is perfect to renew the oxygen in the water. Furthermore, the bottom of the pond is layered with rocks and stones. We can see a stone border with nice variations, looking like a rocky coast.

fish pond
garden stones - Flickr
Near the fish pond, a path leads to a terrace. All of it is made of wood and is furnished for great moments of relaxation.

aquatic plant
Backyard pond - Flickr
An aquatic plant in the middle of a small pond containing a few granite blocks and pebbles at the bottom of the water.

Backyard Pond - Flickr
To make the pond even more beautiful, a bamboo and some pretty artificial flowers are decorating it. Thanks to the flowers, the pond is always colorful and nice to look at.