Bird feeder and nest box: 8 inspiring ideas

bird feeder

Tanya Impeartrice - Flickr

Do you like bird watching in your garden ? Here are 8 ideas for feeders and nest boxes to attract birds from the neighborhood. Not only feeding them during the winter will help the most fragile to survive, but they will regulate the insect population in your garden. It is always a pleasant sight to watch sparrows and blue tits have a good time. Here's how to attract and beautify your garden.

nest box for a tit
OliBac - Flickr
A green wooden hut. The hole in the facade is large enough for this blue tit. Hanging in a tree, this nest box shelters the birds from predators (watch out for your cat)

van like nest box
Antony *** - Flickr
A very original birdhouse! In flexible wood, this nest box will put a touch of originality in your garden with its original shape. A little paint, a hole large enough for the birds and that's it.

colorful birdhouse
Vadim Dimitroff - Flickr
More suitable for larger birds such as pigeons, these colorful nesting boxes will house the nests and protect them from predators. Feel free to leave some seeds on the platform to attract them.

feeder in winter
N'Grid - Flickr
In the middle of winter, finding food can become more difficult. This is a collective bird table to help your little feathered friends.

hexagonal feeder
Alicia Lynn - Flickr
A pretty hexagonal wooden feeder, filled with a mixture of seeds. Set high on a wall or a tree stump, it will allow you to observe many birds coming to eat.

tube feeder
VĂ©ronique Jourdain - Flickr
This gray wagtail takes advantage of this food tower. Most often made in plastic, it allows several birds to eat at once, without dispute. Fill the seed tower and let the birds do the rest.

fat balls column
Marianne - Flickr
Here is another kind of feeder, with a grid. Feed the birds with balls of grease. Slip the grease balls (homemade or not) inside and look at the bird serve themselves. Rich and nourishing, these balls will be a delight for sparrows and other birds.

seeds column
Kevin Doncaster - Flickr
Other animals will probably be interested in the seeds. Here is a squirrel, who is apparently very focused on the seed tower.

What about you? Do you have ideas to attract birds in your garden?